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  • January 2012

    Hey, I'm really interested in becoming a deck cadet. I've talked over with the mother and she's fully behind me so I think its about time I though about applications.
    I'm just wondering what the best time of year to apply for the 2012 January intake? What is the usual intake in the January intake?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: January 2012

    NOW, seriously apply and see who responds and then give them your preference, Clyde are full (at the moment) for September and have been for a little while now.

    Apply and then pick the bones out of it it is the easiest option
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      Re: January 2012

      I called a lot of companies for any places in September this year, and they all told me they're full for deck cadets. I'm applying for January 2012. Make sure you put in your cover letter, if you're going to apply now, that it's for January 2012. Good luck!
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        Re: January 2012

        I'm applying for Jan to. Too long to wait

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          Re: January 2012

          It really depends on the company, how many cadets they have already. Some will still have some places for september '11 so it's worth asking about. If there's a place there's a good possibility you can get it.

          If you're set on Jan 2012 then by all means apply now. Just make sure you put this in your cover letter, on specify it in your phone call so the company knows when to put you on their books for. Admittedly at this late stage in the year, a Jan 2012 application does give more breathing room

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