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ENG1 and Amblyopia

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  • ENG1 and Amblyopia

    Hi, I was wondering whether I would pass eng1 with a lazy eye (amblyopia) that can’t be corrected with glasses. One eye has perfect vision but the other has worse vision that is better than the basic standard but worse than the higher standard needed. I pass the basic vision acuity 6/60 with both eyes unaided and pass the higher vision acuity with one eye unaided but because of the neurological damage my optician says that glasses cannot improve my lazy eye’s visual acuity, so it is basically stuck at 6/21 rather than 6/12 which is needed for deck (or even 6/18 needed for engine). I have N8 whilst using both eyes (N14 in the bad eye but N5 in the other) and no colour blindness or field defects but it’s really stressing me out that I could fail on this even though I meet the minimum requirements and don’t have any perceivable issues caused by slightly weaker eyesight (still have depth perception etc and have never struggled seeing anything at sea before either).
    I recognise this is quite a specific question so would also appreciate advice on a doctor I could contact to ask instead. Thanks.

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    Ask an MCA approved doctor;
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      This is the document the doctors will make their assessment from. However, background medical info will make a difference so get in touch with an ENG1 doctor and ask the question - most will answer without an appointment.