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Career change - becoming a Cadet

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  • Career change - becoming a Cadet

    Hi all, I'm new to this Forum but first thing to say is that it is excellent, lots of great useful information and people willing to help.
    I'm 32 and want to become a Deck Officer, I know for certain this is what I want to do as I've got friends at sea and have finally decided to followsuit . I'm looking for as much reading materials as possible preferably electronic format, to read up on if anyone could help that would be great.
    I've got experience with navigation and sailing both inshore and offshore on small craft since my teens so I have a solid grasp of the basics and now just want to know more and keep learning. I'm a Manager in Local Government at present but now is the time for me to make this move.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Best wishes

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    Re: Career change - becoming a Cadet


    For a start theres not much reading material out there for this career, hence this site. Reading through these forums will probably be as good as reading anything else.

    If your certain you want this, then just apply. No amount of information can prepare you for the life at college, then the life at sea.


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      Re: Career change - becoming a Cadet

      Hello and welcome,

      Beer-engineer is right there is limited amount of reading as such again as he said thats why this is here it has been a HUGEEEEE help to me and my issues and has helped hundreds of other people from well all of the world now.

      What I would say is find the companies that you are interested in and read up on there sites as that will be part of your interview as you will know.

      what may help before starting to apply is write a personal statement of about 250 words and keep that for when you fill in your forms as it asked for by most, it varys from 150-300 words I think, so be ready to cut and paste when needed. I spent 2 weeks doing mine.

      Only other note is for this Sept 11 the intake is just about full and they will be looking at Jan 12 next for the companies who do it and will be a much smaller amount then its back round to Sept 2012 so decide when you want to try for thats a good starting point along with what kind of companies you would like to work for, thats a good starting point and go from there.

      There is also a video on STV player on the merchant navy aswell its quite a interesting watch.

      Be what you want to be not what other people tell you to be
      Adapt and over come
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        Re: Career change - becoming a Cadet

        This blog by tlloyd is a great read. In this post he rants off his daily tasks and describes the mixed culture crew. ... -life.html


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          Re: Career change - becoming a Cadet

          Hi please take a look at the government website