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    Hi guys

    Am considering applying to warsash in 2012 but wanted to ask a couple of questions. My grandad was in the navy and I've loved sailing since we went out when I was a kid.

    I never really explored the possibility of a career in this area until now. Trouble is, like many others I'm sure, I have a lot of family commitments now I'm 23 years old and wouldn't really want to spend months at a time away from home.

    Also, rather annoyingly, I hate flying so coming back from the other side of the world every few months would petrify me!! Stupid I know and also very annoying!

    So the question I have is, are there any short haul companies which specialise in say european freight or short distance cruises?

    Its probably a bit of a stab in the dark I know but thought I'd ask



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    Re: Short haul companies

    I think there are a few sectors that have leave ratios that should, I think, meet your requirement.

    Offshore work for example involves a rota of one month on, one month off once qualified.

    SSTG have two companies, off the top of my head, that do offshore work in the North Sea. One firm operating from Aberdeen and the other, Great Yarmouth; therefore only an internal flight for joining/leaving ships.

    As a cadet, a few cadets currently in sea phases just now with offshore work, I believe the rota would be one month on, followed by two weeks off.

    There is also the possibility of working on ferries around the UK, such as P&O or Seatruck ferries. Again, through SSTG and off the top of my head. Another possibility could be dredgers, many of which operate in and around the English Channel area. I am, however, unsure again of the leave ratio aboard these ships.

    If you go onto sponsors websites then it should be made obvious which company operates in which sector. I know Clyde have a few offshore and ferry companies under their belt.


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      Re: Short haul companies

      I hear what you are saying. I am the same, I am only 20 but steadily becoming the 'head of the family' and as such I like to keep an eye on what is going on...

      I am with SSTG and starting the brand spanking new engieering course with fleetwood in September, with sea truck ferrie sponsorship (who travel the irish sea). In honesty so long as you get your ticket and become qualified, it matters little how your sea time is constructed, I may be close to home but I will be working just as hard as the rest of the cadets.

      I believe ferrie work is fast paced and strict with deadlines and such, with roll on and roll off experience.

      What Im saying is, you dont HAVE to sail the horn of Africa and work with people who can speak only 2 words of english to work at sea.


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        Re: Short haul companies

        As said previously you're probably going to want to look at offshore work, ferries, tanker companies that do bunkering work, harbour tugs, coasters etc if you want to stay close to home
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          Re: Short haul companies

          Thanks for your reply guys much appreciated.. Its definitely something I'm going to consider, have emailed a few companies and will see what they say!

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            what is seatruck ferries like? thanksss !


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              Hi Mike,

              I've replied to your PM; if you want to know any more about Seatruck don't hesitate in asking.



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                Originally posted by Chris H View Post
                What Im saying is, you dont HAVE to sail the horn of Africa and work with people who can speak only 2 words of english to work at sea.
                Not always the case! Try not to generalise comments.


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                  I believe several of the ferries running the UK-Ireland trips mostly employ Eastern-European officers and Filipino crew. I was on a Stena Boat which is all UK/Irish crew still but they told me the other boats doing the same run were all/mostly crewed by the above. I think it's sad the way that UK deck crew have so few opportunities to find jobs now because they get undercut by cheaper options. I've worked with UK deck crews on a couple of ships now and there's very very few young 'uns coming through, so when the old guys have to finally retire, their jobs will inevitably go to foreign crews too.


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