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Any second chance cadets?

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  • Any second chance cadets?

    Hi folks,

    Hope someone can answer my call to arms here!

    I had to resign from a deck cadetship after phase 1 ten years ago due to being hospitalised, thankfully now long resolved and have since completed an HNC, degree in environmental Geography and have taught in a secondary school for a number of years. Its a great stable career but does not excite me now, and at the end of the day I can always return to it in the future. My first goal has always been to to sea get my OOW certificate, even during my university days I managed to pick up regular work with CalMac doing the odd jobs in stewarding.

    At the age of 27 I'm quite keen to get back in before life gets too far ahead, although my memories weren't all that great of the training process back in 2010. Glasgow College of Nautical Studies was an absolute mess at the time as it was coming up to the big merger and I was thrown in with one of the big companies by CMT with very limited end of line prospects. I was pretty much nudged out due to my medical issue which in the end was actually fully resolved later that year (if you only had a crystal ball eh?).

    I understand through being part of the City of Glasgow setup, what was GCNS has had a real new lease of life, the facilities look great!

    Is there anyone else out there in a position like myself, ie managed to pick up a cadetship again? I've tried a few applications here and there but to no avail. Alot of companies just don't want to know. My discussion with BP though has been quite positive. Are there any other companies that anyone would recommend approaching? Or does anyone have any tips for getting back in?

    Hope someone can help!

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    I believe (and may be wrong, but may give you a bit to research further) your situation means you can’t go for a company that uses the traditional ‘SMarT funding’. From my years on here I understand that when you start a cadetship they access your funding early on and that I can only be accessed once, I do not believe (even if you quit on week 2) they can get the funding in place to train you.

    It isn’t the end of the world if the above is true though, you’ll still be eligible for the RFA who do not use this funding stream. If you train with the RFA your benefits will be higher training salary, completion of an HND or FD, the best chance of getting a job post-qualification and most likely you’ll get your dangerous cargo bits and bobs which opens up a whole new world when you’re looking for work... if you stick at it though they have a great pension.

    It was a running belief that the maritime charity sponsors such as the MEF didn’t use SMarT funding as hence could take second timers, but it appears a member in your situation recently found this wasn’t the case. But you’ve nothing to lose in approaching them for answers.

    If you search through the forums you’ll find this question is asked regularly so you may be able to find some members from a few years back, you could try messaging them to see if they found any success in getting a second chance. Good luck and update us if you make it!