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    Hi guys,

    Just need a couple of tips on CV format if anyone can help.

    My CV at the moment has a format very similar to a superyachtie's CV.

    I tried making a more appealing CV, having my photo included and a different format than you would usually see. My cousin had helped with this as he is involved within the superyacht industry, hence the resemblance to a CV within that sector.

    Just wondering if this is the right way of doing it or if I should stick with the boring format that most CVs are presented with. I've attached an example of the sort of format my CV is in. Mine is quite different (I am not John Smith) but you get the idea of double margins, profile image, interesting titles, and sections.

    Thanks again for the help guys, much appreciated!

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    It looks fine as a whole. Not a fan of the dots, would just use thin lines to break the section up. The red doesn't completement the blue and white colour scheme either, so would return them to black and make them bold.
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      I don't think format is overly important at cadetship stage, my CV for my cadetship was essentially a piece of paper saying I've finished school and don't have anything else to offer other than GCSEs. But it looks fine, and so long as it ticks all the boxes on selling yourself it is ok.

      As you grow professionally these snazzy CVs become a little less desirable in my opinion, apart from in the yacht sector evidently. I wouldn't apply to any job now without a strictly business style CV, but that reflects the boring route my life has taken more than anything...


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        Have a look at this - goes against everything you have done really - but I know this works!


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          Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated.

          I'll make sure to check out that link, cheers ian!


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            What you have got there looks like a pretty standard CV layout for yacht crew. Generally in commercial shipping people tend to have more standard CV's although similar to the format in Hatchorders link. However I've been thinking about making mine into something more snazzy similar to a yacht one to make it stand when recruiters receive hundreds of very similar CV's for a single position, but that's more something you will need to worry about when you qualify.

            A lot of cadetships don't require a CV but instead its an application form, I remember actually having to handwrite on a form and post it for my cadetship (I think that shows a combination of my age and the slow pace at which the industry adopts new technology) but a basic CV with your GCSE's/A levels, schools, any part time jobs, hobbies & interests should be fine.


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              That's what I was thinking, that a different format would grab the attention of the recruiter after reading and looking at CVs that all look the same.

              But I will change the format if it will give me a better chance of success if needs be.

              Thanks again.