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  • Maersk Entry Requirements

    Hi Guys (and Girls)

    Was just wondering about the entry requirements for the FD Nautical Science course for Maersk.
    The interview day stressed quite clear the need for UCAS points but nothing of them has been mentioned since, I know it sounds like I just answered my own question haha, but they are not specified in my contract and have since received a letter informing me I have a position on the Maersk Gateshead for aprrox. 4 months. Was wondering if they are still relevent and hoping someone could clarify my current situation,

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    Re: Maersk Entry Requirements

    Not sure what the entry requirements are, but that letter was just a generic one they sent to everyone, it's for the US Visa stuff, has nothing to do with your sea phase
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      Re: Maersk Entry Requirements

      Yep, sea phases are aranged later. This is just for the embassy

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        Re: Maersk Entry Requirements

        I should read things properly!


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          Re: Maersk Entry Requirements

          Originally posted by Campbelllfc
          I should read things properly!
          That would be a good idea...
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            Re: Maersk Entry Requirements

            I'd say you've met the entry requirements.
            If you filled out their online application properly, they should have all the information they need, so if you hadn't met the UCAS points requirements, you wouldn't have gotten to interview


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              Re: Maersk Entry Requirements

              Read your acceptance letter, if you haven't met the requirements yet it will say 'this offer is conditional upon recieving the results of any outstanding academic qualifications' meaning you need to get 180 ucas this summer or you don't get the place. Alternatively you could call the HR office, they've got it all on a big spread sheet. I rang to check I was down for FD and she told me I was and it was conditional on my A levels.


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                Entry Requirements: Foundation Degree

                Hello all,
                I am an aspiring Deck Cadet who wants to peruse a career in Merchant Navy and I'm currently in my final year (A2) of A levels. I?m studying Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics.

                So far I have accumulated about 170 UCAS points from my first year and hopefully will get some more points by the end of this year, although I had to re- sit the first year of A levels due to personal circumstances. I also have a grade B in GCSE Maths & Science but a C in English language & literature.
                However, I?m afraid that the C in GCSE English and the re-sitting of a year might cause some problems and I?m not sure whether or not my academics are up to the ??specific?? entry requirements that may be required for a foundation degree or by the sponsoring company.

                I?m hoping if you could kindly help me out in this, I will appreciate any advice as to whether I should apply to the sponsoring companies with complete confidence. Thank you very much.


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                  Re: Maersk Entry Requirements

                  for this September's in take you are actually running a litle late, but for 202 you might be a tad ahead of the game as most wont know thier numbers required yet.

                  But direct application is as good as any other, just might need to re-submit a couple of times or chase the companies a wee bitty. For the Big Blue Canoe Co Ltd (as you are posting in this thread I'll assujme you are interested in them) they have the followthestar web site, and (I think) and you can apply from there too.
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                    Re: Maersk Entry Requirements

                    I agree with Chiefy, get your applications in, and follow up with some phone calls. The best that could happen is you get an interview, the worst they could say reapply a little later on, but at least your showing that your keen either way.