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  • Application form for Wightlink

    Morning one and all,

    This morning I received an application form for Wightlink and I am planning on applying and returning it.

    However, as many of you know (I've blared it out enough times ) I've been accepted with CMT.

    Do I mention this in the Application form or just keep hush? (I've always preferred honesty).

    I am still very keen with CMT, but just to keep my options open incase of the worst case scenario's.


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    Re: Application form for Wightlink

    Personally, I don?t see the point in mentioning it. Unless they actually ask about it in the form, and I suppose they don?t? If you?re unlucky they might just decide not to bother with you. Assessments and that process take up a lot of their time and they?ll probably want to focus on the applicants who are most likely to end up being sponsored by them.

    But Hey? what do I know
    You do what feels right for you, just bare it mind?


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      Re: Application form for Wightlink

      Absolutely no need to mention it at all. They may ask you at interview, "Have you applied to anyone else?" in which case it usually looks good to say that you have. It would be slightly silly to put all your eggs in one basket and pin all your hopes on one application. Saying to Wightlink that they were your preference (even if this isn't true) also wouldn't hurt....