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What's the deal with ERRVs/Standby then?

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  • What's the deal with ERRVs/Standby then?

    I'm trawling through this forum and it seems like a lot of people 'look down' on ERRVs and standby for cadetship. Why is that? All these threads I'm looking through are several years old so I would be interested to hear from people who are/have done a cadetship with ERRVs such as Vroon or North Star on their thoughts and whether the lambasting is deserved. I will be sponsored by North Star, I've watched videos of it and tbh I am really looking forward to it.

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    I wasn't with them but knew people who were...

    Nobody complained about their cadetship on standby ships, they had a good crew life and decent trip lengths. Of the deck cadets and engine cadets I knew with Vroon, North Star, Maersk offshore, Farstad, Boston Putford everybody passed their orals first time round and they all got job offers. The ones that are still sailing with their companies are on very good money and are some of the few junior officers who get the same amount of time off as they do on. They're in jobs for life, so long as the oil industry has a need for their ship, which is the only drawback apart from...

    You'll probably see some awful sea storms!


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      I think it's basically because people have the impression they don't do any "real" navigation or really go anywhere apart from in and out of Aberdeen (other places do this as well obviously) and then sit off an oil rig for a month in some horrendous conditions. Whilst there may be an element of truth to this, the training is probably better than a lot of deep sea tonnage tax companies and there's probably a half decent chance of a job at the end. There's worse places to do your training tbh.


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        I did my cadetship on PSV in the north sea. I received some pretty experiences and some amazing training oppuinnty. The offshore vessel gets probably the best trip length as cadets and my trip during my time as a cadet were always flexible within reason.
        crew facility were pretty good, free and unlimited (usage) wifi on board for all crew. And offshore hours of rest are pretty strictly enforced, unlike maybe some deep-sea tonnage tax companies.

        Offshore in winter does it bad points the weather and seeing Aberdeen to many time to count.

        As above there many worse place to be a cadet and dose get a bad rep, but it not all bad.


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          I did my cadetship with North Star. I would say they aren't the best nor the worst company out there. You will get trained by EU/British crew who have an understanding of training and you will have decent living standards due to being in the UK/Eu waters + flags.

          As far as excitement or 'adventure' go, you won't get much of that. Months at a time in the north sea looking at not a lot can be very draining.

          My opinion would be ; do the training , get your COC , they will give you an opportunity for first trips and then go elsewhere. That is what I and the other 4 North Star cadets I know did.

          There is a job for life there if you want it ; but I don't think many do.