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Applying with three GCSES and a HNC

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  • Applying with three GCSES and a HNC

    hi all,
    during school i did terribly, i was kicked out in year 10 and by the time i left in year 11 i had one GCSE to my name, mathematics at c, during my last three years at college i've managed to pick up an additional physics and english language GCSE both at c/4 grade, i've also got a MMM grade in Level 3 manufacturing engineering and am starting a full time HNC manufacturing engineering course. what are the chances of being successfully admitted onto a cadetship?
    either way i will try and apply but the question more is how can i come across good on paper with such a poor academic past? I know i'm capable of doing even a foundation degree but it seems very hard to try and convince others when i have this glaring negative in my CV and along with no noteworthy interests or hobbies i find myself struggling to spin it all into a positive.
    thanks all.

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    You satisfy the minimum education requirements for a cadetship, so you’ve ticked those boxes. You don’t need notable hobbies or interests, you just need to have the minimum required education level (which you do, once the HNC is obtained you may have more than the minimum required) and a good few reasons why you want to work at sea. I’d say you have as much chance on paper as most. Feel free to ring Clyde Marine or SSTG to ask about your current grades for clarification on what they’ll take your level 3 as, they’ll be happy to tell you.


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      Like Agibbs said, you tick the boxes academically - just be sure to give a good impression during your interview / when filling out your forms. Don't shy away from the fact you did poorly in school, use it to show how you got yourself back on track and showcase your focus.
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        There is a very good guide to writing a CV by Hatchorder on the forum (search “The officer Cadet guide to writing a CV”). This should help you put a positive spin on what you have achieved and remember that you put the latest things first so recruiters will see your predicted grades for the HNC before they see the lack of GCSEs.

        If you haven’t already done so it might be worth attending an open day so you can talk to recruiters. Warash have an open day this Saturday (12th October) and in the past about 15 companies have attended.