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  • kayak
    Re: SSTG places

    I did hear that CMA CGM are full, but I have an interview in may also and so they are obviously still open for 4 spaces for those doing the BSc(hons) at plymouth. That does require having had an offer for the course at plymouth uni through ucas first though.

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  • Andy_S
    started a topic SSTG places

    SSTG places

    I have an interview with SSTG in May but speaking to a few people who have already had interview with them it seems they have very few places left for deck cadets for a Sept start.
    I was wondering if anyone know how often some of the bigger companies recruited? I'm talking the likes of CMA CGM(my first choice), Evergreen, OOCL and any of their other desirable companies.

    Supposing I pass the interview is there any chance of negotiating a place for Jan or Sept 2011 without having to reapply? For example, I think CMA CGM are full this year but could I get a place reserved for 2011? I don't mind starting next year as long as I have something lined up.