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Carnival UK Sponsorship and Payment

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  • Carnival UK Sponsorship and Payment

    Just a quick query!

    Does anyone know exactly what Carnival UK pay for? Do they pay all your tuition fees and accommodation, or just your tuition fees, or neither? I can't seem to find any information on this anywhere.

    Also what is the pay like during Phase 1?


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    Re: Carnival UK Sponsorship and Payment

    From what I gathered during my carnival assesment day...

    from cadetship you are on their pay roll, amounting to something like 700-800 a month (it COULD be slightly more now)
    They pay your tuition fees, but not your accomodation (and on a cruise ship, you technically don't get payed while on leave, but as a cadet you do...)
    when compared to other companies, I think carnival is one of the better payed ones, but I don't check these things when considering companies so other members will have to confirm this.

    Your FIRST uniform is payed for by them, after that any new uniform is at your cost. You have a contract with carnival, if you leave after your training and don't commit 2 years (why wouldn't you though?) you pay a fraction of your tuition back.

    All in all it is the lifestyle and not the pay you should consider.


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      Re: Carnival UK Sponsorship and Payment

      Thank you!

      I was just wondering because I have my assessment day coming up and thought they might ask about it!

      I know, the lifestyle seems fantastic! Long working hours but so much reward for it!

      How did your assessment day go?? Any tips?!

      Thank you again


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        Re: Carnival UK Sponsorship and Payment

        Well the presentation and the short introduction before the tests begin will give you all the information you will need regarding the course, available colleges, money ect.
        There are several tests, mechanical, numerical and english (also a written one)
        You know when it says bring a book? well, do it and read it...because sitting there and staring at a wall in silence for over an hour is dull I brought a news paper, but what ever you like.

        Here comes the cliche your self, the way you present yourself will give them an idea of the people they are looking for.

        If you don't know southampton, the building you are looking for is BIG. I drove past it twice and didn't even notice the big carnival sign....

        feel free to ask anything else


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          Re: Carnival UK Sponsorship and Payment

          What exactly do the tests cover? Are they easy/hard?

          Will I have to do a Mechanical one as I'm going for deck?


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            Re: Carnival UK Sponsorship and Payment

            well in my test I found them challenging due to the limited time. Basic multiplication and division getting more difficult as you work your through the paper. Really it is like other apptitude tests.

            We were all engineer cadets on the day so i have no idea whether you would have to do the mechanical paper...


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              Re: Carnival UK Sponsorship and Payment

              Although I'm not quite sure what a "mechanical" test is, we had to do one maths paper which included a mechanics question (resolving forces) which was pretty straight forward.

              Or you could mean the spatial awareness test (part of the aptitude papers) e.g. you are given a picture of half a dozen or so cogs, if cog A is rotated this way, which way will cog F be rotating?


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                Re: Carnival UK Sponsorship and Payment

                Deckies dont do the Mechanical reasoning test that the Engineers do. You do a second maths based test if I remember...
                Carnival pay all your tuition fees, all companies do, we never see that money. But they don't pay directly for you accomodation, you pay for it out of your salary, but you get considerably more than alot of other companies who also expect you to pay for accomodation. I think SSTG are one of the only companies who pay for accomodation seperately.
                Pay doesnt change phase to phase, you will recieve the same whether your at college or at sea, but the company as a whole has just had a pay rise, so you'll get the benefit of that if your successful.
                They do ask for 2 years commitment after you qualify, but thats optional for them, they could say that you don't need to honour that after you finish, but I havent heard of it happening before. Its all in the small print. But if you choose to leave within the two years, then they ask that you repay a certain portion of your training fees, depending on how long you've worked for them.


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                  Re: Carnival UK Sponsorship and Payment

                  Thanks guys! This is really really assessment day is this week so I'm getting rather nervous now. The resolving forces question? Is that A-Level maths? I was told to revise for a GCSE Higher paper...


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                    Re: Carnival UK Sponsorship and Payment

                    Since your going for deck I can tell you about forces (but not the questions)

                    torque is (force) x (distance)
                    This is why a looong spanner can easily tighten a screw, over a short one when you apply equal force on the two sized spanners.T
                    his way you can easily destroy your cars spark plugs by using the wrong tools and applying to much force.

                    Sit on the end of a see saw and you are harder to lift than if you sit closer to the centre pivot.

                    The questions will not get much harder than that (the see saw one I just made up)
                    This is GCSE physics


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                      Re: Carnival UK Sponsorship and Payment

                      Ahhh I get it! Like moments and such??

                      Cheers for the help, trying to be as prepared as possible!


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                        Re: Carnival UK Sponsorship and Payment

                        Originally posted by nphelps30
                        The resolving forces question? Is that A-Level maths?
                        Don't know if it is A-Level or GCSE (although I'm sure I was told there would be an A-level type question).
                        A simple google search will tell you how to do it.


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                          Re: Carnival UK Sponsorship and Payment

                          [quote="nphelps30"]Ahhh I get it! Like moments and such??quote]

                          Yup, torque, moments.


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                            Re: Carnival UK Sponsorship and Payment

                            The paper is based at a higher tier GCSE level. but at the end is an optional A Level question. you don't have to answer it, they just give you the option, I tried it and failed miserably, having never done A level maths, and it being 5 years since doing GCSEs. But they still accepted me, so don't panic about it!