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  • Being sponsored by Seatruck Ferries

    Good evening all,

    I was on a waiting list with SSTG and a month ago i was offered a place with Seatruck Ferries to start in September instead of waiting till January - Steve was kind enough to remember that i was interested in Ferries above all else.

    My questions are, is there anyone on here who have been with Seatruck, past or present?

    If so how did/do you find it and did/have you get offered employment at the end?

    Cheers guys!

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    Do you have the option of continuing with the plan of starting in January, maybe work commitments or personal commitments that would make September too hard?

    Seatruck don't offer the best cadetships and there is little to zero chance of employment at the end, I've only ever met one of their cadets coming qualified to P&O Ferries and his mum was a company director for P&O so I guess that is why he got with us, otherwise I don't think they end up too employable in the ferry industry... Their ships are primarily manned by eastern Europeans rather than the typical ferry standard of western Europeans.

    If you have the option for waiting until September for a much better spot with P&O Ferries, I'd take that option. If not, be rest assured Seatruck aren't the worst SSTG sponsor by far and you'll be better off than 75%... but with P&O I'd suggest they're the best sponsor at SSTG all round.