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ENG1 Dental assesment - Braces

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  • ENG1 Dental assesment - Braces

    Hi, I am an aspiring deck cadet and have an offer that is subject to me receiving my ENG1 medical certificate. Having been through the government documents I have had a look at the dental section and it appears that the criteria is rather vague regarding braces. I currently have braces and was wondering if any of you have experience of going the medical assessment whilst undergoing orthodontic treatment and if this would be a barrier for me.

    kind regards!

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      Yeah there were cadets with braces when I was at college so don't imagine it would be a problem.


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        awesome, that's one stress over


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          For your personal benefit just make sure you go to your orthodontist before each sea trip so he can tighten and tweak in the best way for whatever length of voyage you’re going to take. Would be a ****ter if you have to wear braces for 3 extra years because you never see the dentist


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            Yeah mate, they’re a pain as is! Luckily I should be able to get em off before the first sea phase so let’s hope