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Do A-Levels matter when applying to the HND?

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  • Do A-Levels matter when applying to the HND?

    Hi everyone.
    I am preparing to send off my applications for January 2020 for the engineering HND. I meet the requirements for the HND courses already however i'm rather worried that my a level results are going to be pretty poor (just got E,D,C in my mocks.) If i don't pass will it be held against me when applying, as I feel that it will look as though I wasted 2 years. I am going to try and get some work in local engineering firms as a labourer to get some valuable experience however I am just very concerned about my A-Levels and how they will reflect on me.

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    For the HNC/D you only need GCSE’s for the Foundation Defree you need 58 UCAS points. All you need are the minimum requirements it shouldn’t reflect badly!


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      A-levels don’t matter for HNC/D, many on the course will have GCSEs only (standard 5 GCSEs grade C and above including English and Maths). But beware that many companies don’t offer the HND or offer it but only actually pay for the HNC. The HND course is the standard HNC course plus an additional 5 odd months in college once HNC guys have already qualified, as you can imagine that’s a rather expensive and long way to train cadets so the HNC seems to be the norm now.


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        Currently Warash are offering the HND for Deck in 3 years and I am pretty sure for Engine as well so it may not be necesary to do an extra few months.

        It might be worth concentrating on your A levels at the moment as you may be able to improve the grades. Then once the exams are over to start the application process as most companies will still be looking for Jan 2020 and some won't even accept applications until the summer.


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          If you haven't yet started... Do the Foundation Degree/Scottish Professional Diploma. Grades do matter there as the college/companies have no idea what you are like.

          If you are topping up a HNC to HND, then grades won't matter - the college will have a good idea of if you are capable or not.


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            Hi, I really don't think your A-level results would affect anything if you want to go on the HND route. Im pretty sure all the colleges are concerned about is you meet the requirements for the course and that's it. Most people on HND don't have A-levels so the fact your doing your best with them should not hold anything against you!