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Deck Cadetship options and applying for new Cadetships

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  • Deck Cadetship options and applying for new Cadetships

    Hi all.

    I hope you are well.

    I recently attended South Shields Marine School's open day as a Pre-Cadetship student.

    I am wondering which companies are good for recruitment after completion of training.

    I have already been given a Cadetship with P&O Ferries but of course I wish to widen my opportunities if I get any others.

    I was particularly interested in working with BP as they seem interesting to work with.

    They said jobs were not always guaranteed at the end, but they do hire inyernally so I can still be told when a job comes around.

    I also discussed with V .Ships and I don't know. My friends in class have been given a Cadetship with Pritchard and I have already filled out an application form for their program.

    Obviously I am in a really great situation now but I still wish to widen my horizons as it were..

    Also, on a quick query, how do I apply for a Cadetship with Shell as their email seems to be unmanned when I asked for more information regarding applying.

    I don't have any A levels but surely as Pritchard said, my Pre-Cadetship is more valuable than the grades attained at GCSE. I just wish I was 18 so I could apply for BP but I would have to wait a while and furthermore, I would be away at sea in November when the applications open apparently.

    Anyways, I still have an amazing position and prospects with P&O Ferries but still wish to widen my horzonho as afore mentioned.

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    I've heard that BP have told all their current cadets that they won't be hired at the end of their cadetship and that they are moving away from hiring European officers and will be focusing their recruitment elsewhere. I have no idea if this is true or not but just a rumour I heard. Sure someone else will be able to confirm. If there is any truth in that then obviously probably not the best place for a cadetship. P and o ferries is probably a pretty good one to go with tbh. You won't go anywhere exciting but at least you'll get a job!


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      Stick with P&O Ferries. Good chance of a job at the end of it, or so I've heard from a mate that's with them. Also if you go with them, then it's easier to get into cruise and especially since that side of the industry is expanding, with good prospects for British Officers!


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        Stick with P&O, it’s currently the best cadetship in the industry.


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          Do you need to apply for a P&O cadetship through Carnival?


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            P&O Ferries and P& O Cruises are 2 completely separate companies. P&O Cruises is owned by Carnival Corp and run through Carnival UK who you should apply for a cadetship through if that's who you wish to work for. I believe P&O ferries are owned by some company in Dubai now? and do their cadetships through SSTG but you'd have to check.