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Carnival Assessment Day March 2019

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  • Carnival Assessment Day March 2019

    Just had the news that I was unfortunately unsuccessful in my application with Carnival for Deck Cadet Sept 2019. Failed on part of the psychometric test which really is annoying as it means you can’t apply again for 2 years which is a massive shame!

    The day itself however was great and couldn’t fault anyone who works for Carnival, they were attentive and really wanted you to do well!

    Advice i’d give for anyone in the future is learn your presentation off by heart or as close to as is possible, use minimal flash cards. In the group exercises put your ideas forward and argue them, but sit back also and let others put their ideas forward. In your own interview be confident, have your reasons for applying nailed down and find examples of how you’ve dealt with difficult situations!

    So that’s it really, but if anyone has any more leads of anywhere still recruiting I’d be happy to hear!

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    Don’t worry, Carnival have the most bulls**t of the cadet companies so applications are just HR exercises ran by people who probably couldn’t do the job itself. Try your luck with other companies, they’ll appreciate you for what you are rather than some silly office style HR games which sailors are probably naturally bad at.


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      If your hearts set on cruise, apply to SSTG and Viking Recruitment - you can always give Clyde a go but you're unlikely to get a cruise line through them.
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