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RFA Deck Officer Cadetship- HELP!

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  • RFA Deck Officer Cadetship- HELP!

    Hi all, new member here! I have applied the the RFA as Deck Officer Cadet and have already passed the psychometrics and my Sift Interview is fast approaching. I've been revising like mad but I still have a few queries that I know I'll have to answer correctly but I can't seem to find definite answers anywhere! So, if anyone has recently gone through the joining process And could help me it would be amazing!

    Sift Interview
    How deep will I be expected to go with my RFA knowledge- ships, operations, history etc?

    Will I also be asked about RN/RM?

    Is there a swim test?
    What are the fitness tests and requirements?

    BNRC Dartmouth
    It’s definitely 10 weeks, right?

    Are there set RFA intakes? Or does it shift around?

    Do they mix RFA and Navy together for courses ?

    Will fitness be expected to be as high as the Navy? If so, what’s involved? (I’ve been told it’s minimal, but others say you get beasted)

    Generally what do you cover whilst at BNRC?

    Which nautical colleges take RFA cadets? I attended an open day at Warsash in October and was told it is now only either Glasgow or Fleetwood. Intakes in September or possibly January. Is that correct?

    Training is approximately 3 years, split into 5 phrases - 1,3 and 5 being shorebased and 2 and 4 being at sea. STCW’s completed in phrase 1. Graduate with OOW CoC (hopefully) as third Officer. Can anyone add anything?

    Thanks in advance guys. I just want to be ready for anything they ask !

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    If you type RFA interview into that great big search box at the top right of the screen you’ll find loads of posts answering your questions.
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      Thank you for the reply. I have searched and read a lot of threads but found many of them are quite a few years old, so just thought I'd be careful as things may have changed.


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        Any luck? I have applied to be a cadet officer in the RFA also.

        Can you please share how your interview went and what I need to brush up on for mine? I have the psychometric test this week just getting exciting and anxious for the next part of the application process.

        Hope you application process is going well! Who knows if we are both successful we might start at the same time


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          Try heading over to the rumration forum and popping that into the search engine - it will probably tell you everything you want to know
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