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  • Chiltern Maritime Interview


    I'm an aspiring deck cadet with a passion to work at sea. I've got an interview with Chiltern Maritime and would like to know what to expect at the interview.

    Could any previous cadets or officers please give me some tips and pointers?


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    Hi Max, dress really smart, prepare well what you want to say, also prepare for questions such as: why join the merchant navy. Overall just be yourself, be confident in yourself and really listen to what is being said to you. If you really show passion and determination you'll be fine.
    Lots of luck,


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      I recently had an interview with a different company and i agree with the above. If i had to add anything, be prepared for being asked: why you choosing Deck or Engine over the other, how you will deal with time away. Also be ready to show an understanding of the non glorious side of the job.

      I also conduct interviews in my current job and a few things that seem to go along way with me and other interviewers is attention to detail in appearance. Spend a little time on ironing - which to be honest is a must, but you will be surprised on how many people dont - and also polish your shoes. I think people lose sight of the last one but it shows attention to detail, especially if you have a nice shine on the toe cap, which goes along way as it takes time todo.


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        Thanks for the quick response!