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  • Carnival confusion

    I applied to Carnival in early January for a Deck Cadet position. Having heard back nothing after a month or so, I emailed them to ask if they had received my application. They asked me to complete another application form (which they attached to their email) which was slightly different in layout from the first. I emailed the completed form back, they subsequently asked me a question about dropping out of university, to which I gave a reasonable reply. I have heard nothing from Carnival since (bear in mind this was about two months ago).

    I have read of people receiving quick replies (both assessment day invites and rejections). I have also read of people waiting for over 10 months before receiving an invite to an assessment day. I understand that Carnival are one of the most sought after sponsoring companies, but I have applied to other organisations who most likely receive more applications for a equally challenging roles who have been much quicker in their replies.

    I am intent on contacting Carnival soon to enquire about the staus of my application. May I please ask if anyone else has experienced a similiar situation to me in their Carnival application(s). Thank you in advance for any information.

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    Re: Carnival confusion

    Hey Chris, I got an e-mail in December inviting me to an assessment day but haven't he heard anything from them since then; and i think the general view is that Carnival take ages to get back to you. My advice is just to phone them, no harm in doing that


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      Re: Carnival confusion

      Hi Chris
      It is right of you to say that carnival inundated with applications. from my experience, I was invited to assesment a month or two after sending my application. But, I have sent applications to other companies and never even got an answer, this is true to the Merchant Naval companies and onshore companies in the past.

      On the other hand, they are still sorting out the September intake so your application may be looked at in the coming months for January.




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        Re: Carnival confusion

        I have managed to clear this up and will be considered for a Janaury intake, so I am hoping for the best.