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  • Not hearing back from training cos.....

    About a year ago I made the decision to make a change in my life , return to the UK and change career via a Deck cadetship. I feel like Ive got a lot to offer in that Im very used to being away and at sea (having been working abroad on different types of boats, both day trip and multiple day tours ) as a Diving Instructor for a good few years now and match the core competencies of Deck Officer role pretty well.

    So, I started to apply....and heard...nothing.

    So I applied to another training organisation....and another....and another - still, nothing.

    So Im guessing either my application sucks, or Im being sifted out on the basis of something - age perhaps? Im 41, but physically very fit. Ive got 25 years work life ahead of me!

    Im really motivated for this - but Im hitting a brick wall it seems and Im not sure what to do about it.

    Any of you with similar? Any tips to overcome? Any suggestions for different routes (eg applying direct, which I havent done up until now...)

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    Check in paragraph 4.1 - 4.2 you are not falling foul of the residency requirements. I noticed you said you’d made the decision to return to the U.K. perhaps that’s a reason? https://assets.publishing.service.go...01/MIN_486.pdf

    Aside from that the good old telephone call maybe worth making? What about going to one of the Open days the recruiters go along to them, take your CV with you, do a bit of self promotion.

    You have misssed some of the earlier ones, but there are still some others coming up.

    In the past we have seen people get places only a day or so before courses start. After Exams results come out, and people haven’t achieved what they needed for the course, and after people have done medicals and not passed those, then various youngsters who maybe had places but then decided on a different career you find places come up last minute.


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      Thanks for your comments Midge. Im a British national born and bred with 15 years work in the UK before upping sticks - still with close family ties and with the intention of residing permanently post training, so I appear to be eligible looking at the link youve posted- and this has been agreed on by a couple of the TCs prior to going cold.....

      Will definitely try hitting the phone - but living in SE Asia, coming back to the UK for an open day is slightly less realistic right now, especially in the age of Skype etc.


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        Ah but, as they say you are not currently resident in the U.K. you are resident elsewhere. It maybe any application you are making with a non U.K. address is just being binned? See the Note 1 at the bottom of page 3. Requires residency for a year at the time of application etc etc. Ordinary residence is a complicated thing, UK government policy guidance exists on it, but the MCA are inclined to make up their own rules which reading Note 1 is a prime example of just that.
        Normally ordinary residence can be claimed if you are in the U.K. and your intention is to remain there ‘for the foreseable future’.
        Having a home, and family just strengthens the case, and it is quite possible to be resident in two places at the same time too.
        The MCA though appear to have created their own interpretation of the case law that applies.
        I’d call and see how you get along that way, but any address you have used if not a U.K. one does make me think it’s a reason for non progression. These companies can get hundreds of applications and sifting out any that appear to not comply with funding is an easy way for them to start is my guess.


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          Mate, thought about yachts? We're riddled with Kiwis!

          Might take longer but if you were to look for contracts as a deckhand/divemaster to start with and get your seatime logged up you could step up to do your OOW unlimited then.
          Superyacht OOW
          SSTG Cadet 2015-2017
          Ex Royal Navy Navigator.