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Local Deck Cadet training in UK

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  • Local Deck Cadet training in UK

    Hi, I'm located in South Wales in the UK and I'm interested in applying to be a Deck Cadet but I want to stay local to the UK for the training and a job. Is my only option to apply to a ferry company for sponsorship or are there other ways available? Which ferry companies take on Cadets in the UK?

    Thank you

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    If you apply through SSTG they regularly take on cadets for p and o ferries which are based in the Irish Sea or down in Dover. There are other options in order to stay UK based. If you would consider oil tankers, there is a company called James fisher and son who operate coastal tankers that operate around ports in the UK and maybe Ireland and France. another option would be offshore vessels that are based within the North Sea. These vessels operate out of ports like Aberdeen and Yarmouth etc. SSTG take onncsdets for offshore based companies like North Star shipping and Boston Puttford. Clyde marine training also take on cadets for offshore companies like vroon offshore and gulfmark and if you are lucky subsea 7.

    Hope this helps,

    Phase 5 SPD engine cadet at city of Glasgow college. Doing a a combined motor and steam ticket.