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    Hi Im new here.

    im currently in the process of sending applications out for sept intakes.

    A bit of background.
    Im 26 in few months. and currently working in the family buisness as a mechanic. have been for past 6/7 years. Im looking at leaving and making a change to a more Engineering based career. As clearly salary is better and it allows broaden my options.

    I have no links to the shipping industry in my family, I have read other people mention their father/mother/uncle etc and this clearly is a good thing as they know what the lifestyle involves.

    What are peoples opinions on mentioning that i have no background i ships and am doing this for the engineering benefits rather than being pulled towards due to wanting to work in the shipping industry.

    worrying is it better to get a point like that out now rather than in an interview?

    simple question but ive been fortunate enough not to have to go through an application and ibterview process before!!

    cheers for any replies!!

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    Yeah just be honest with them. Not having any shipping experience, background or family connections is not an issue but having significant engineering experience through your current employment is definitely a big advantage so big this up. Speak about your background and desire to improve your skills and knowledge in a new sector etc. Also mention that you understand its a big change and commitment especially spending long periods of time away and make sure you know what you are getting into.


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      Having a background as a mechanic already puts you in an excellent position at the start of your cadetship, you will most likely be the most knowledgeable cadet in your class.


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        I'd be honest with them - I had no experiance when I joined (although I am deck) and I felt like they were judging you on personality as much as experience. It might not be a bad thing coming from a non-nautical background - it means you'd be a relatively clean slate with no bad habits to try and iron out. It's not rare at all for someone to make the jump in their mid twenties so I wouldn't worry about that element.

        I wrote about the interview process as someone a little older (I was 26 too) on my blog so you might find some of that helpful.
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          It might also be worth seeing if there is a maritime career fair nearby and making some connections, you might be able to boost your CV quickly with some visits to shipping companies or ships.


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            Thanks for the replys much appreciated.

            just another question what is the route to become an engine rating? is there many jobs for them out there cant seem to find much advertised. seems to be 'its who you know'?

            is there any way of progressing from rating to officer?


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              There even fewer jobs for British ratings than there are officers. You'd probably be restricted to some ferries which still have British ratings. You can go from rating to officer but with your experience you'd be much better going straight in at officer level via a cadetship. Better money, rotations, job prospects etc. I can't really see any positives to going down the rating route.


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                Hi thatnks for all the replys!
                I took my time sending the applications off but have now started to get invitations for skype interviews. First being for carnival!

                Couple of questions, it says i have 7 days to take the interview. and that I just go to the link and carry out 3 questions at 3/4mins a question. does this mean its not a 1on1 interview seeing as i can do it at any time in next 7 days? seems odd.

                also what questions can i expect off them? i have had a good search but not many post specific too carnival.



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                  Hi Sion,

                  It is a recorded interview just done through a program. The questions I had were about why I want to join, why I chose carnival and what’s are the duties of Deck Officer.

                  Best of luck!


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                    So just the basic straight-forward questions like that? I don't know why I thought this part was more complicated than that.


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                      I think it’s easier for Carnival to separate the wheat from the chaff that way, before putting the resources into the more detailed sections.