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2nd Cadetship?

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  • 2nd Cadetship?

    Wondering if anybody can help me out with my situation here.

    I participated in a cadetship a couple of years ago which I ended up terminating prematurely due to ill health of a family member.

    I am looking to finding my way back into a career at sea, either by starting again as a rating (qualified to work as OS, but seemingly very hard to find a position as an OS) and working my way up to OOW that way, or preferably being taken back onto a cadetship.

    Does anybody have any advice on whether any companies are willing to ‘re-sponsor’ ex-cadets, or maybe even a good place to start to get an entry level rating job as I’m not having much luck.

    Thank you all very much!

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    This will be difficult as you will have already used your smart funding. Try the RFA (don't think they use smart funding) and possibly MEF or Chiltern as I think they might be charities and therefore maybe don't use smart funding? Someone else may be able to clarify exactly.


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      I thought it depended on his much was used up of the ‘cadet allowance’ as you say you left prematurely maybe you could access the balance. There is something in the notices about that aspect and how companies claim etc. Have you tried asking your old sponsor? RFA are outside of SMART so they would be a good place to try.


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          Try PNTL or RFA, almost all other companies would more than likely not accept you due to them wanting govt SMarT funding.


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            Register with Clyde Marine Recruitment, they often have deck rating positions such as with Maersk and BAE systems which aren't always advertised. This would be A/B work.


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              I have posted this a number of times but it is still worth repeating. The Maritime Educational Foundation (MEF) is funded by the industry in a number of ways, the main one is PILOT (Which is Payment In Lieu Of Training), which tonnage tax companies pay if they do not meet their training commitment of 1 cadet for every 15 officers employed.

              This is important to people like yourself because they are not accessing the SMART funding to pay for cadetships, they are spending the money paid by companies. For some people, who have dropped out of cadetships, this is a lifeline. Of course the circumstances are different for each person, so you need to apply to MEF citing your reasons for stopping your cadetship and should they believe that your case is justified, and that you have a fair chance of completing it, they will pick up on the costs associated with your continuation of your cadetship to completion.

              So, in the first instance you need to contact the MEF - research this yourself. The contact there used to be Kate Gillespie, but check. They will then advise you of the procedure to apply for funding to complete your cadetship. You need to be aware that they will probably contact your sponsoring company and your college as part of the process, so you need to be honest with your application, and it goes without saying that if you were fired by your sponsoring company for a number of different reasons, then the MEF are unlikely to sponsor you.

              Good luck, and please let us know how you get on and what the process is like.

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                HI Ian,

                Your incorrect. MEF do access smart funding.

                MEF do have a second chance program, its a vigorous selection process and you have to meet certain criteria. The cadet programs that have MEF contract would then interview once approved by MEF. we would need to know how much you have claimed so we can pick this up from where you had left off smart.

                good luck.