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  • Standards of a new cadet

    Very broad question here but alas;
    what is the standard of a fresh officer cadet? Are they mostly fresh out of school/college kids or are they mostly slightly older with a little life experience?
    January intake, if that's relevant

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    Hi, I'm starting in January. I get the feeling from reading this forum and articles on the internet that this industry seems to attract all sorts. Some people straight from school who've wanted to go to sea their whole life to people in their 30s and 40s looking for a career change.

    I left sixth form when I got a job at a garden centre and worked there for most of five years interspersed with a few office jobs and labouring for an electrician at one point.

    So I don't know if there is a 'standard', just a lot of varied people with one common interest.

    Drop me a message though, I'd like to talk to others who are going to be starting soon!




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      Hi guys,

      I am starting in January at Fleetwood after having spent the past 6 years completing a degree and working in finance for 3 of those years in London and want to change to do something I've wanted for a long time! One of my close friends is current a second officer and I asked her a similar question when she was at Warsash. Even though the September intake each year is significantly larger than the January intake, the range of ages wasn't as most people would naturally expect. For her intake, there were probably about 15-20% over the age of 30, and a large portion of the people were between 20-30 years old (so not fresh out of school/college). There isn't a standard as people from all ages can come and do this when they feel it's right.

      Please drop me a message as would be keen to chat to others starting in January at any college.

      Many thanks,


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        That's along the lines of what I was hoping for.
        I'm only 22 myself I've just been in the military for the last 6 years and haven't done any sort of education since. I just didn't want to seem thick next to kids fresh out of school because they'd obviously get the grasp of things a lot quicker, but if it's a wide range of people at different ages then I can't see myself being too out of place.

        I should be starting Fleetwood in January, I just need to confirm that by getting an ENG1


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          I was in my late twenties during my training and studied mostly with a guy straight out of school (I think he was 17 when he started). It's a good thing because everyone has something to offer. Because I was older the guys would come to me for advice a lot. Living away from home for the first time and entering the professional workforce is a big deal. But they also helped me a lot with the academics since I'd been out of education for so long.

          Most people are there to pass and pass well. And it's one of those courses that benefits from a mix of individuals. Obviously if you're old like I was, comparatively speaking, get used to a lot of grandad banter.


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            ive just started in september at south shields deck officer intake and im 28 was a soldier for 10 years. there are a few others in their mid to early 20s. id say 60% of the class is under 19 though. but to be honest no one cares honestly. all walks of life, no major issues.