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Sitting the AIB for the RFA soon

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  • Sitting the AIB for the RFA soon

    Hi - I have my AIB for the RFA soon and was hoping that someone could shed some light on a couple of things that I have been wondering about.

    Firstly, I have heard that the planning exercises are not necessarily based on the completion/overall success of the plan, but more so on your overall confidence and leadership potential during the exercise. Does anyone know how much truth this holds? I ask because I am completing some practice examples at the moment and while it is going well, I imagine these to be slightly easier than the ones I will face on the day and I can imagine that the risks of making a mistake like calculation errors etc. Will be slightly higher with the pressures of the environment. (Maybe that's the point??)

    I was also wondering how strict the board are with ship recognition on the day. I mean in terms of distinguishing between specific ships of a particular class, and not just identifying the classes themselves.

    Any other insight into the overall process would also be very much appreciated! Cheers.

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    Haven't done the RFA AIB, only the RN but I believe they are reasonably similar.

    confidence is key, you are trying to demonstrate leadership potential, not necessarily finely polished leadership skills - so failing a leadership task isn't always a bad thing, so long as the processes and procedures are ok. However, if you put a few minutes of planning into the PLTs, you shouldn't be failing them.

    The planning exercise is a little more more tricky but i didn't think it was rocket science. Just be careful with the likes of calculations, and don't be afraid to ask for help from your team - doubtless there will be some numbers whizz...

    They won't fail you for ship recognition, however, expect them to be strict. I thought I'd right totally cocked some things up but at the end of the process all was ok. Just remember they are looking at the bigger pictures, so cocking up a PLT as a leader, and then the planning, and then not recognising ships/operations isn't going to portray you in the best light...

    youll do fine if you have put in a bit of work - I don't know how physical the RFA AIB is but the only thing I wish I'd done differently is being a bit fitter!