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What Will ETO's Usually wear onboard a Cruise ship?

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  • What Will ETO's Usually wear onboard a Cruise ship?

    I Would like to become an ETO as it seems a lot more interesting than Deck but would rather spend non-work time in uniform rather than overalls is there a chance that ETO's are allowed into the guest areas like deckies and are they issued with whites or is this reserved only for Deck Officers?

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    Well from my time on cruise ships. Boiler suit for engine room jobs. Khakis for jobs in passenger areas.

    Evening uniform after 6pm in passenger areas. At Holland America this was a blue uniform or formal uniform for formal nights. At P&O the blue uniform was the British red sea rig. Basically black trousers, white shirt and a cummerbund. P&O also issued whites which I had ro wear in the daytime at passenger lunches.

    Hope that helps.
    Former TH cadet with experience of cruise ships, buoy tenders, research ships and oil tankers


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      ETOs are allowed in the guest areas and have the same privileges as deck and engine officers in that respect. They also wear the same as the deck and engine officers in passenger areas (depends on the dress code on the particular day but could sometimes be whites) with the exception of the stripes which are obviously slightly different for each department.