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    Giving serious thought in submitting an application for the RFA Engineering cadetship.

    Has any member applied before and been successful.

    Registered an interest this morning so waiting to hear back from them.

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    Hello sir! yes go for it I applied for a different position and got a provisional acceptance letter. If you go dressed smart with some knowledge of the company ships and jobs you will be accepted if you go like a show off no respect you wont get in go for it there friendly people. But be aware its a lengthy process all in all about 9 months


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      Thanks for responding. I am in process of filling in the application online. Have been offered a few cadetships in the past few months but something about RFA that am leaning towards.

      Things may change though as my mrs has been offered a position in Abu Dhabi, so next few weeks ahead may change..

      Life changing decisions.