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    Hiya there, for some reason my posts are being cut short!

    Anyway, I've recently applied for a Cadet Deck Officer Position with the RFA, I was wondering if anyone knew how long the recruitment process for this can actually take? I've been told that it should be 3-9 months but I've heard of a lot of people where it's taken a lot longer than this. Currently I have only sent off the application form. That was around a month ago and I haven't yet been asked to send off GCSE grades and then sit the psychometric tests, this makes me think the process may take a while. They've said that the next Cadet intake is in October 2018 and the one after that is June 2019. Does anyone think there's any chance that I'll be able to pass through the psychometric tests, interview and AIB before October?

    Any feedback is much appreciated, thank you!

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    It is possible, I'd say it largely depends on how long the wait for a slot at AIB is, but you may be more likely to end up on the June intake.

    Have you had confirmation that they have received your application?