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  • Another interview required?

    I had place last year with OOCL/Ship Safe but due to an unforeseen circumstances at home I decided it would be unfair on my folks if I went off to sea so I had to decline the place sadly. What I am interested to know is would I need to apply from scratch again and have another interview? I know I will need to contact SSTG but I'm interested to see if anyone else has done this?

    I am now 27 so I don't really want to let too many more years pass before I get sorted out.....

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    Re: Another interview required?

    if you told SSTG/OOCL you declined the cadetship then yes, you'd have to start from scratch, might be worth mentioning your circumstances ( if any ) to help you, as they might think your in it to just mess around with peoples time!
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