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Engineer vs ETO - a few questions

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    Re: Engineer vs ETO - a few questions

    Operative word "hope"...
    I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

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      Re: Engineer vs ETO - a few questions

      lots of talking to be done first
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        Re: Engineer vs ETO - a few questions

        Originally posted by chris
        There also seems to be a possibility of doing ETO hnd at STC. There is at least 1 cadet who seems to think he is doing it, although officially its been scrapped...
        we got 2 guys in my HND Engine class doing the ETO course (STC). i Believe their first 2 years they stay with uz doing the core engine/electro modules then there 3rd year is fully electro based.
        ...don't no if that option has been scrapped since our sept 2010 intake tho. im sure 1 of them registered on here ill get him to post what his course in-tails.

        im in the same boat doing the engine cadet atm but i have electrical engineer from a previous job. lost as to what position to put my full attention into.

        Think the age range of ur company's fleet will swing it also. eg Previous Job the Ship was Fully automated with alot of extra sparky chitty's because syncs were done by comp & the servers/comps/remote valves/ etc never ever worked as they were ment to. or u myt get alot of rust buckets with the normal electro chitty's n hardly any automation maintenance.

        Personally i would do the 3 year engine n come back to do ur electro top up courses.