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  • SSTG - Applying for colleges

    I'm with SSTG and sponsored by evergreen, and also have been allocated a training officer. do I have to apply for the colleges myself or will SSTG do it on my behalf?

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    Re: SSTG - Applying for colleges

    Normally the sponsor will tell you where you are going, so drop them a mail and see what they have to say.
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      Re: SSTG - Applying for colleges

      I am also with SSTG and Evergreen. I just told Steve in my interview that I wanted to go to Glasgow and he said that would be fine. I also said in my second interview with Evergreen that this was where I wanted to go and again, they said it was fine. They arranged it all. You don't really need to do anything to be honest. From what I remember they send you some forms, you fill them in and send them back and then they wil sent you joining instructions, then you turn up at college on the first day. Of course if you haven't stated a preference for a specific college then I'm not sure where they would send you. I think I was asked in the interview where I would prefer to go...