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  • college question

    ok so it takes roughly 3 years to get through it, but im doing engineering and already have an HNC in engineering and its HNC course im going to be on, would it be possible to do it a little bit quicker since i might have some of the units already?

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    Re: college question

    I know of some cadets here (Warsash) doing a "fast-track" course on the foundation degree route but I am not sure if they do it for HND. Its dependant on the company as well - some foundation degree students have a mechanical engineering degree from other universities but their company still ask them to do the full 3 years.


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      Re: college question

      The trouble is as it may just be one of you in this situation how do you go faster? You might be alowed those lectures off if they give you the credit for them, or you can just coast for them, the course is geared to the most students (a shame in your case).

      Additionally some of the units might eb similar BUT have a slightly different bias (ie a marine bias using marine examples if you see what I mean). It is though worth asking the college when you get there and see what they say.
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        Re: college question

        yeah thats what i was thinking, oh well if i get some lectures off that would be awesome if not then tough luck :P


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          Re: college question

          Originally posted by mnwanabe
          yeah thats what i was thinking, oh well if i get some lectures off that would be awesome if not then tough luck :P
          Also lectures/knowledge that you know well will be easy marks for you and will help getting a good mark in the academic phase of the course.

          Also maybe help out any of your course mates who are struggling?


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            Re: college question

            yeah thats my thinking and of course id be happy to help them...and they could help me with maths haha, well i done a lot of weld/fab is there any of it involved with the hnc engineering course?


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              Re: college question

              'taint gown' happen... if you struggle with maths, then you aren't likely to be able to fast track anything on the academic side; and it doesn't really matter how good you are in the workshop, you still have to produce the portfolio of specific items... maybe you can whizz through it, and snatch some time to do extra maths?
              The welding is a few weeks, even if you're good at it, i don't see how you could really finish it that much quicker than anyone else, and if you did, you'd just get given some filing to do ;p
              The fast trackers are people with Mechanical Engineering degrees who don't need to do that much academic stuff, but still need to assemble the workshop portfolio.
              The official answer to your question is to pay ?65 to the MCA for a Letter of Initial Assessment,, but to be honest, it's not likely to get you anywhere... I reckon the only fastracking that's possible is on the academic side, and even then, you'd have to have done specific modules somewhere else in things like Mechanics and Thermodynamics that could be judged to be equivalent.
              My tuppence... get through the workshop stuff as quick as you can (if you are already competent), and spend the extra time socialising and doing academic exam preparation. Simple.
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