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HNC/HND Electro-Technical route

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  • HNC/HND Electro-Technical route

    Hi Guys,

    Can anyone give me a list of the maths topics involved with the HNC/HND ETO course? Are there any ETO's about that can give me an idea of the jobs I'll be doing during my sea phase?

    Any information will be much appreciated!


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    Re: HNC/HND Electro-Technical route

    Hi Gazbo, welcome to the site, and thanks for joining.

    Please could you give us a brief bit of info about yourself? Boy/Girl, what you're applying for, and who with etc... cheers.

    If you mean the course at South Tyneside college, as mentioned on or on the current bp recruitment campaign, then I might be able to help; for ETO in the Engine Cadet + GMDSS & ENES route as mentioned on the RFA site or you might want to try one of the RFA boys, such as "hontoir" or "christhis".

    There's a list of useful sites on the last page of this thread:
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      Re: HNC/HND Electro-Technical route

      Hey, yes, sorry!

      My name is Gaz XXXXXX [Edit: we try to avoid using real names Tron ], im a boy and i've been accepted onto the ETO, HND course at South Tyneside College. I've gone with Clyde, although im starting to wonder whether ive made the right choice!! I've heard a few bad things about Clyde, reading different stories across the internet!

      Ok, il try them. What about the kind of maths involved in the general engineering side? Any ideas?


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        Re: HNC/HND Electro-Technical route

        Right well,

        Algebra is the starting point... then Trigonometry.
        You might even go as far as Complex Numbers (not that complex really).

        I'd just stick to getting comfortable with Algebra and Trigonometry for now... follow those links on the other thread, and any questions, post them up here and we'll see what we can do

        If you listen hard enough, you'll hear bad stories about most of the companies... that's life.
        If you've yet to put pen to paper and sign a contract, It wouldn't do you any harm to send an app off to BP and Carnival as well though... same course, more pay and bennies.

        I don't know how in-demand electro people are compared with engine cadets, but the mood music sounds similar (recruitment adverts are around and pay can be good)... if you google for BP ETO, you'll find it (the link is on here, and the deadline is April 29th).

        Nevertheless, very glad to have you on board to tell us all about the course and your experiences.
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          Re: HNC/HND Electro-Technical route

          I think the link that Tron posted above sums it up quite nicely.. If you did Alevel Maths and Physics then you know roughly what is in store (the techniques aernt any harder, its just the different types of application) with more emphasis on the marine side of things.
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            Re: HNC/HND Electro-Technical route

            Awesome! Thanks for your help guys.

            Unfortunately, I've been a little bit hastey and the pen has already met the paper. I'm quite happy to take the rough with the smooth for the duration of the cadetship though! If it doesn't kill me, its not that bad.

            I did apply to carnival but they didnt get back to me, and I don't have the A levels to have the choice of BP i don't think.

            I've got a fair bit of experience as a railway signal technician aswell, so hopefully it's going to stand me in good stead! Thanks again for your help though, I'll keep you posted!