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  • Carnival UK Interview!

    hey guys! i've got an interview with Carnival UK soon and i was looking for a little help with interview questions! i have recently been to an interview with Clyde Marine Training and it went horribly! the interviewer did not ask questions like "tell me about yourself" ... they were more like "whats the most important thing about working in hot conditions" etc.

    So with Carnival i am looking to nail the interview! i've read about a couple of posts on here and it looks like they are looking for people with great customer service experience which is great...because i am a part time Customer Service Advisor for Sky.

    I know they give you 4 multi choice aptitude tests, a briefing about the company, a team exercise and a face-to-face.

    I believe one of the maths tests is at Higher GCSE standards which is a bit of a pain considering im in Scotland and we do Standard Grades. But in saying that ive had a look at the GCSE papers online and they look easy!

    So in conclusion, i really am wanting to go with Carnival as i hear it is not the easiest company to get into! Anyone had any experiences with Carnival interviews? ie. whats the teamwork task, what are the interview questions like and what about the aptitude?

    Thanks alot for your help!

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    Re: Carnival UK Interview!

    Not sure if they will use the same team task year after year, but what theyre looking for is for you to take a leadership role if its appropriate, but also to be able to work as a team and take instructions. If everyone starts arguing then they might not be too happy. Completing the task isnt as important as working together, and they will be looking at individuals, so make yourself stand out. (sounds harder than it is)

    The Interview questions will go along the lines of most regular job interviews, they will ask questions that will give them an idea of whether you could handle adversity at sea, when in a situation where you cant get away from someone you're arguing with, or how you've dealt with issues before. They'll try to gauge whether this is something you really want to do, or something that you just took a fancy to one day.

    The Interview day really isnt something to worry about, your best bet is to take the advice from previous threads about being outgoing, polite, friendly and talkative. But also if you're putting those things on they'll see through it and might worry that you're not actually suited to the job. So be yourself!
    Also if it helps, the training managers for Carnival are fantastic, and really friendly people, so dont worry about them. They'll look for the best in people, rather than looking at the negatives.

    Hope this helps! and good luck!


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      Re: Carnival UK Interview!

      Originally posted by GDOutlaw
      what theyre looking for is for you to take a leadership role if its appropriate, but also to be able to work as a team and take instructions.
      I really wonder about these sorts of things, because everyone reads the same advice, and tries to do the same things, it can really turn into a bun fight as to who's the leader. It's probably as well to employ a bit of psychology and chat to fellow candidates before battle commences, to know how to play your best hand.
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        Re: Carnival UK Interview!

        Haha! its not quite that bad! Thats why I said if its appropriate, because they'll look to see if you can not be the one shouting at everyone to do it your way aswell.