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Maersk Deck Officer Academic requirements

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  • Maersk Deck Officer Academic requirements

    Just a quick query regarding academic requirements for a Maersk Deck Officer course.

    I applied to Maersk around 6 months ago and it stated on their website that you needed a Grade C in English Literature, I only have a Grade B in English Language and a D in Literature.

    However, since that time has passed I sat a Level two Adult Literacy test and achieved a Level two (equiv to a Grade C at GCSE).

    Would this be an acceptable qualification in regards to the GCSE English Literature required?

    And also what is the standard waiting time to hear back from Maersk after sending off their online application form?

    Kind regards to all.

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    Re: Maersk Deck Officer Academic requirements

    sorry i cant help you, but is level 2 adult literacy really level to gcse english?


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      Re: Maersk Deck Officer Academic requirements

      No one can answer your question except Maersk. Although they may have minimum requirements they can waiver these if they so wish (providing you still meet the college minimum).

      Apply to them and see what they say.
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        Re: Maersk Deck Officer Academic requirements

        Hi Wilson I am an engine cadet at warsash and I have a level 2 in adult literacy and numeracy and yes they are considered by ofqual to be equivalent to gcse grade A-C. I also have gcse at B in eng lang and a C in literature but I only got a D in maths and because warsash is one of many universities to accept level 2 qualifications my maths was accepted at level 2 adult literacy. If you go to the warsash website and scroll down to the bottom you will see a list with qualifications listed hit qualifications and scroll down to key skills which is what your adult literacy is and you will see that key skills in literacy numeracy and it communication are accepted by them as meeting the full criterion and also accepted as meeting the full requirement for maths eng and science subjects for entry to most of their courses. I cannot understand why your B in eng lang was not sufficient for english as I am sure some companies will accept that and your key skills but dont give up I didnt and yes I did hit opposition but if you show determination and speak to them on the phone or write a nice letter asking them to review your case I am sure they will listen and definately some companies will be warned though some universities still dont accept key skills but from 2013 it will become functional skills in the new QCF and as they all will be teaching it including STC they should all start accepting the new framework I am doing ok at maths and passed my phase test and theres no reason why you should be held back


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          Re: Maersk Deck Officer Academic requirements

          Thanks for your replies one and all.

          @DrBonerBoy, thanks for the info. and I have a gander on the Warsash website, and they confirmed what you mentioned.

          I sent my Maersk application form the same day as asking this question.

          Kind regards to all