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  • Doing the ground work

    Evening all,

    Just watched the 'Merchant Navy' program on the STV Player again, first time since being confirmed. Felt totally different and real!

    My only concern is about Maths. Its been 9 years since I did formal maths education. Anyone know what i'd be best to top up on before September? Maths or anything else for that matter?


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    Re: Doing the ground work

    They will and do guide you through the course, but if you think you are that rusty, maybe grab a GCSE revision book, and have a plod through that, but mostly you will start at the begining and work towards the end in a fairly guided manner.

    Just stay awake and pay attention
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      Re: Doing the ground work

      I had no maths for awhile. ( about 14 years ) Get a book and look at the wiki here is a link to a maths site ( ) something like that. Just go over and do some practice questions.

      Lots of stuff on the web about maths revision.

      One of the 1st things you do on the course is maths refresher sessions but it handy if you are solid on the maths before you start so you can spend more time learning the other stuff you are taught.
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        Re: Doing the ground work

        thanks for the replys guys. good to hear. want to get up to speed on the maths now so i have that not to worry about when im there. may as well put the waiting to good use!