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So who crews these

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  • So who crews these
    Are they civil servants or do they recruit through some agency?
    Or are they exempt from the usual MCA rules?

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    Re: so Who crews these

    Hmmmm, Navy or HMRC Officers who will be recruited and trained for the boats would be my guess.
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      Re: So who crews these

      Customs cutter, Customs crew.

      Or HMRC or whatever they are this week. No idea what quals they might hold.

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        Re: So who crews these

        Originally posted by Lewis
        Are they civil servants or do they recruit through some agency?
        Or are they exempt from the usual MCA rules?
        Originally posted by
        HMRC manages its own fleet of boats to patrol British waters, where it works closely with the police authorities.
        I have came across a few of their staff on some of the short courses when I was a cadet - they don't hold the standard OOW licences (they have restricted tickets - or the ones I spoke too did). If I remember rightly, the regulations had changed which is why they were all doing the short courses.

        As for who 'recruits' on their behalf - I have no idea... if you really want to work on them might be worth 'contacting them' using the details on that page.

        On a side note, with the exception of England/Wales (where the Royal Navy are responsible for it), the Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency also manage / crew their own fleets - as do the Falkland Islands Fisheries people - dosedmonkey works for them as an engineer so can probably provide more information on how to get into that kind of work if it is what you are looking for.
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          Re: So who crews these

          They are Border Agency now. Friend of mine works on one of those boats.
          I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

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