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  • carnival application!!

    So I have applied to carnival UK and have got an email back saying Congratulations! We would like to consider you to attend one of our Assessment days. Does that mean they are still deciding whether to offer an interview? Bit confused!

    what has anybody else heard!? Also off to warsash tomorrow and just wondering if anyone has any advice on what to wear, say etc etc when talking to the prospective sponsors to help make a good impression!


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    Re: carnival application!!

    The interview is part of the assessment day.

    Also another recent thread on this subject which might be worth checking:



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      Re: carnival application!!

      im the same, got told by email on the 14th, waiting to hear when this assesement day is


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        Re: carnival application!!

        Hi There,

        As MASO210 said the assessment day is part of the interview stage at carnival. When I was selected for an interview with Carnival UK I was initially contacted by e-mail and then I was contacted by the Fleet HR Officer by phone asking me which day I could attend for an interview. They are a really helpful and should you not here anything for a while then the best bit of advice I would give you would be to contact them direct at Carnival UK. There a very approachable team. One bit of advice I will say to you is do some brushing up on your maths as there will be an 1 hour exam in this to a GCSE Standard on the day.

        Hope this helps
        Phase 3 Carnival UK Deck Cadet
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