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  • Injury


    Ok, so last week I sent off various applications to different companies, think I'm probably going more for the Jan 2012 intake. Anyway, I injured my knee last year, have had two operations on it so far but they are thinking I might need another. I'm not sure when this would be as they are really pushing physio (which is doing nothing!) but I was thinking that it probably wouldn't be very soon meaning if I even get accepted anywhere my knee would still be pretty weak I think. Do you think this would be a problem? I'm applying for an engineering cadetship, just hope to get the op with enough time to build it back up!


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    Re: Injury

    A few trips ago we had to pay off a cadet who had a knee injury and hadn't disclosed it. He had problems bending it which made it difficult for him to move around and he wouldn't have made it up and down ladders or stairs with BA sets and stuff on. The company sent him for another medical which he failed so he got sacked and sent home.

    Just have a word with whoever your doctor is and that should clear up any problems that you might have, and if you are really worried find out who is your nearest ENG1 medical doctor and have a word with him.


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      Re: Injury

      Also: Disclose everything to your company - otherwise if something happens it could come back and bite you in the butt. Your companies insurance will look for anything - however remote - that can get them out of paying in the event you need to have medical attention while at sea.
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