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    Hello. I live in the United States and am interested in either Carnival UK or Princess, or any cruiseline cadet program... So my question is.. Do they accept US residents for their cadetship program? I would love to do this, as I would like to be on cruise ships! thanks! Andrew

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    Re: USA Resident Student

    Yes and no.......I'll explain.

    They wont take you as a cadet to train in the UK but you do have very good maritime colleges over there in the US, Mass Maritime I think is one such college, there are a couple of others too. I did some time as a Superintendant / Vessel Manager in VA and all they guys seemed to have been to 1 of 3 colleges (sorry cant name them) then you join the Union hall and take it from there.

    This site is mainly aimed at UK cadetships, for which you would have to first move to the UK for at least 1 year prior to qulifying for the training scheme.

    Seriously look into your training establishments they are pretty good,
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