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  • Need professional opinions!

    Right, I know similar questions like this this have been asked a few times before. However, I seem to read conflicting viewpoints, I hope this will sort it for once and all:

    For all those who have actually been to sea recently, how much shore leave did you get on your trip? (In number of days, type of ship and ports called at).

    I have read articles from people who have had plenty of shore leave and others who have said 'Its not like it used to be'. This is the one thing regarding the merchant navy that I am having doubts about as it's great to visit all these new places but what is the point if you don't even get a few hours to explore them!!??

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    Re: Need professional opinions!

    Well, it's going to depend greatly on the company and what the purpose of the vessel is, as I understand it, the technology is currently at a level, where most ships can be turned around within 10 hours, and although there will be delays, and cases with port authorities slowing things down.

    But in all seriousness, a few hours, isn't really a proper amount of time to explore anyway, especially as there's work to be done when in port.

    Personally I look at the travel options being during actual leave, most shore based jobs, you've got maybe 6 weeks paid holiday tops, which depending on your position you can't take at set times, or in big chunks, whereas being a seafarer, you can get up to 3 months paid leave in one go, which has some proper travel opportunities.

    The bottom line is, as was said by another poster, ships only make money while moving, so even if shore leave with some companies is quite good now, that's not to say it will be in a few years.


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      Re: Need professional opinions!

      I've heard from some officers it's only cadets nowadays that get shore leave.


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        Re: Need professional opinions!

        Depends on what type of vessel your on, what kind of operations it's doing, where you are, etc.

        Tankers - not much at all, and when you visit such hotspots like Pakistan and Sudan, getting off is not really advisable.
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          Re: Need professional opinions!

          Container ships - The turnaround is so fast on these and at ridiculous times so even if you do get ashore it may be at 5 in the morning.
          Tankers - I got a lot of time on a product/chemical tanker to go ashore. Once was 4 days alongside in miami. It depends totally on the place/product.
          Cruise ships - These nearly always arrive early morning and leave late afternoon. So if your on the 4-8 watch you can do as you please ashore. 8-12 and 12-4 you can still get ashore a little bit. Day work - ask your boss!

          Officers understand its nice to go ashore and will nearly always allow time off work to go ashore to new places IF and thats a big IF...theres nothing more important to do. Remember you're there to learn and you won't learn much up the road.

          Also, if you aren't due at work and you're going to travel ashore. ASK to make sure you can go, if nothing more atleast you'll look keen. If theres something important going on and you're given the option of watching that or going ashore make your own choice but remember if you choose ashore, the guys aren't going to want to waste their time on a person they percieve to be 'not interested'.


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            Re: Need professional opinions!

            I do have a bit of a dilemma since I'm on a world cruise and we'll be going to a lot of places I haven't been to and will probably get few chances to see in future. In saying that, my TRB (and by extension, my career) is more important to me. If I get some time ashore or get a tour or two then I'll be happy, but I won't be getting all sulky if I can't get off. The important places, like Sydney, we get an overnight anyway and if I'm still on daywork then that makes for a nice evening out.
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