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  • confused guy

    hey guys im Josvel
    well im an indian moved to america 2 years ago.Ill be graduating from high school in 2012. I want to be a deck cadet but im not really intrested in doing the course in the US. I prefer the UK the confusing part is that I have no idea what to do.. like when i try to fill out an application for sponsorship they ask for the UK high school test grades which i dont have ! please tell me what i need to do

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    Re: confused guy

    Sorry matey-I don't think you'll get the answers you need here. This is very much a UK site...if you want to study here I would suggest cotacting the MCA.


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      Re: confused guy

      I've moved your question into the "Questions" forum so you may get a wider response.

      If it really is the UK you want to study in, then I would suggest contacting the MCA, the Maritime Coastguard Agency of the UK. Their Website is

      Alternatively you could try contacting some of the UK sponsorship companies directly and seeing what they can offer you with your american qualifications.

      It's not impossible, I know a couple of cadets from Bermuda and one from America so it can be done, just persist.

      Feel free to ask any more questions you want, welcome to the site

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        Re: confused guy

        Unfortunately the rules are there for a reason. To throw another spanner in the works, to be eligible for sponsorship in the UK, you need to be resident in the UK for at least one year. However, this doesn't apply to cadets sponsored by, say, Bermudan companies who are sent to the UK for training.

        I'm sure plenty of good officers have gone through the US system - for the sake of an easy life I'd say you're best going that way.
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          Re: confused guy

          thank you for the replies...