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    I am due to be starting Warash in Jan on the Foundation Degree Deck course.

    I am with Clyde Marine and as of yet have not been sent any joining instuctions form them. I have spoken to them a few times and have not got much response ' We will send them somewhen'.

    I dont hold much hope of getting these before the course actually starts in January.

    I am speaking to Warash tomorrow to see if I can get any info from them ( like a start date ) as I will need to sort the accomodation.

    Is anyone else is starting at Warash in Jan is there anything else I need to do. Uniforms have been mentioned do I have to get one if so from where???

    Having been doing the maths revision and that more looking for if there is anything specific that needs doing before I start.
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    Re: Joining Instructions

    So far i've heard 2 dates for warsash. the 24th and the 4/5th. Also i believe that clyde have just recently received joining instructions from warsash, might still be worth giving them a call though.

    Like you say you will need to book your room with warsash (Clyde reserve it but you have to book it) may be worth asking WMA themselves if they know the start date, be sure to post it if you find out i think a few people are waiting for the date.

    You have to get your uniform, if you check out the most recent uniform post you will see what you will need. Most of the stuff you can get from any old shop other stuff like shirts and epilletes (spelling ><) you can get from clyde or some other website. GIYF

    For maths
    Originally posted by CharlieDelta
    Hi Ben,

    If you're doing the HND at Warsash the first thing to say is don't worry too much about maths - it's a quite gentle introduction and they take it right from the beginning. I believe you'll have the same lecturer as me, and if you do she's very comprehensive - everything that needs to be covered will be covered and there's tutorial sessions if you have problems. You'll go through a few trees worth of paper with the amount of exercises given in the course notes.

    Your college joining instructions will come with a maths CD, but if you want to revise beforehand I'd suggest:
    - Basic stuff like BODMAS
    - Area/volume questions (mensuration)
    - Algebra (linear equations, forming and solving etc...)
    - Transposition of formulae
    - Trigonometry (SOH CAH TOA, Sine Rule, Cosine Rule)
    - Vectors (Space diagrams, resolving, equilibrium etc...)
    - Graphs (Straight line, curves, plotting, finding the equation of a line, etc...)
    - Interpolation

    These are the main things. n top of this, you'll do spherical trigonometry - I suggest not even trying to look at that as you'll confuse yourself - let them explain it to you here, it only takes an hour's lesson and isn;t half as daunting as it sounds.

    As for calculators, you can use a scientific, non-programmable calculator. Most people go for a Casio FX-Something.

    Good luck!
    It's for HND but it gives you a rough idea.

    Can't think of anything else... hand your notice in? Pack your stuff?

    Hope this helps


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      Re: Joining Instructions

      Okay after some phone shenanigans I am starting in Jan so I can sort all my stuff out.

      Clyde are in Glasgow with the poor weather their post aint going anywhere hence no letters.

      Stating date clyde say the 4th of Jan but Warsash themselves say the 24th id go for the 24th.

      Im off down the pub for a celebratory beer and some cheesy chips.
      Wise man says.... " Enough with the stupid questions "


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        Re: Joining Instructions

        All that I can add to this is that the 4th is the date for anyone returning to continue their Phase 1.

        Also, some people received their joining instructions very late for my intake and I believe that WMA sends them to the companies who then distribute them, there should be a maths CD included.

        The maths notes for the FD Engineering course are available: Here

        There will also be a list included for all the Uniform. If you start early on in Jan then there are 3weeks to go, if the end then that is 6weeks, as you have not received any joining instructions then it may well be the later.
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          Re: Joining Instructions

          I rang them and I was told that new cadets starts their freshers week on the 24th of Jan. I am supposed to be starting in Warsash with BP but I haven't made any effort with booking accommodation.

          It's been over 8 years since I did any Maths at school. I have asked to do the FD course (deck) but now thinking I have bitten off more than I can chew and I would quite like to change to HND. I have been having 2 hours of tutoring in Algebra and Trig a week and I think I'm doing well.

          Anyone else here with BP waiting for a company medical with ATOS in Glasgow? I rang BP Isle of Man earlier today and they say they are waiting for a free slot and I'm not the only cadet waiting.


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            Re: Joining Instructions

            Don't worry about accommodation its automatically reserved for phase 1 cadets - just fill the form in when you get the joining instructions and post it back to them. Maths on the foundation degree course isn't hard, as long as you can type formulas into a calculator you will be fine.

            Since you say you're going to Glasgow for your medical, I will assume you are Scottish (sorry if this isn't the case). The majority of the maths you will need is Standard Grade level in Scotland, only a tiny little bit is possibly Higher level.
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              Re: Joining Instructions

              I'm actually in Northern Ireland, apology accepted!

              I've been told the Maths is mostly GCSE level. I never enjoyed maths at school but now I'm looking at it in a way that I might have a practical use for it makes it much easier. I think the FD sounds better for the long term, I might even be tempted to turn it into a BSc afterwards.

              I have emailed my company concerning joining instructions. I guess I'll just have to wait.


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                Re: Joining Instructions

                Hey Jimbles,

                As discussed in a previous topic the HND and Fd are pretty much the same. (i can find the topic, if you're interested)

                How comes you're having your medical in Scotland? Do you not have any local ones?



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                  Re: Joining Instructions

                  I already have an ENG1 which I got when I did my Yachtmaster but the company want to do a 'Company Medical' which they do to their offshore rig staff as well as their tanker crew.

                  It's basically the standard ENG1 but a bit more comprehensive. They use a medical exam company to do the work but it's proving difficult for them to book me in as they're really busy. I guess it's in Scotland because of all the north sea staff using it.

                  I don't mind waiting but I want it to be over and done with. I would hate to be turned down now for some some kidney condition (I don't have one but you never know) or something.



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                    Re: Joining Instructions

                    I see.

                    Scotlands pretty snowed under at the moment so that's probably part of the delay.

                    As for you kidney's.. I think if there was something wrong with them you would know [but i'm not a doctor]
                    they like water and no heavey drinking sessions at least until you pass it. =]


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                      Re: Joining Instructions

                      Originally posted by Jimbles
                      I'm actually in Northern Ireland, apology accepted!

                      I've been told the Maths is mostly GCSE level. I never enjoyed maths at school but now I'm looking at it in a way that I might have a practical use for it makes it much easier. I think the FD sounds better for the long term, I might even be tempted to turn it into a BSc afterwards.

                      I have emailed my company concerning joining instructions. I guess I'll just have to wait.


                      Let me assure you that Maths will become much more pleasant and therefore much easier now that you have found/are about to find good practical use for same.
                      Indeed you might be suprised and actually begin to enjoy the subject.
                      Few schools, I suspect, are able to create the environment required to acheive that objective.
                      And you are I believe heading for the best Nautical Training Institute on this planet - At Least it used to be, before the great downturn in the fortunes of the British Merchant Navy - during, and in the aftermath of the Thatcher government.
                      To you from failing hands we throw - The Torch;
                      Be yours to hold it high.
                      If ye break faith with us of old,
                      We shall not sleep,
                      nor shall you either !!!


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                        Re: Joining Instructions

                        Yeah I heard Warsash was quite good. I'm looking forward to it. Dunno what to expect though. I think I'll enjoy most of it.

                        Not convinced I'll "enjoy the subject" of Maths but you never know.

                        Down with Thatcher!!! Let's hope the present coalition doesn't go down a similar route: ... newsid=165



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                          Re: Joining Instructions

                          Had my joining instructions from Clyde this morning. If anyone else is waiting seems they sent a batch out last week. I think this is for Warsash only am not sure thou.
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