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  • Joining RNR?


    Just wondering if cadets can join the RNR? Starting my Cadetship in January and got thinking I'd quite like to be in the RNR as well, or is it better to wait till qualified then sign up?


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    Re: Joining RNR?

    Cadets can join (dont think rfas can though). But you cannot join as a trainee officer until you have you ticket. Until then you must train as a rating, then retrain as an officer once you have got your ticket. As to whether there is enough time for you to do your cadetship and RNR is another matter.


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      Re: Joining RNR?

      I thought you was referring to me then!!!


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        Re: Joining RNR?

        Originally posted by bigdave
        (dont think rfas can though).
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          Re: Joining RNR?

          Yeah I was thinking that there might not be enough time to do both, was hoping that there might be a Cadet on here that is currently in the RNR as well.


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            Re: Joining RNR?

            Depending on which college you go to it might be possible to get involved with one of the University RNR units - Newcastle and Glasgow have them, plus Pompey isn't too far from Warsash.
            As a cadet who'll be moving around a fair bit I'd suspect you won't be able to maintain the training commitment.
            You can join the RNR once qualified, however if memory serves you need to have 9 months seatime as a qualified Officer before you can apply for Officer Training in the RNR - the only Officers they take directly have to be ex RN or serving MN.
            After an induction you'll then have to pass an Admiralty Interview Board, and can then get on with training in your chosen specialisation - for MN Officers this is normally Amphibious Warfare.
            Unlike the RNR of years ago, in the modern version you will not be keeping watches/"driving" a warship or having much to do with the running/seamanship side, by the same token there's no chance of you being able to go down the Engine Room of a grey funnel as the RNR has 'evolved' so that it's only required to perform specific tasks during wartime.

            I've taken this from the RNR brochure:

            Officers only
            Experience/requirements: Merchant navy officers, ex-Royal Navy Warfare Officers and others experienced in the maritime sector.
            Working on Royal Navy and merchant navy ships, you would help plan an amphibious operation.
            This involves getting people from land to sea and vice versa to wherever they are needed in the world. Specialised Royal Navy and chartered merchant vessels combine to provide the sealift capability to deploy 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines worldwide, in support of Britain?s interests.
            As an Officer, you will be trained to act as an adviser to merchant shipmasters and to inform Task Group commanders about merchant ship operations.
            You will also work closely with Royal Marines Commandos in the planning and execution of ship-to shore operations.

            I have this brochure in PDF format, so if you want a copy send me a Private Message with your email address and I'll send it on.


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              Re: Joining RNR?

              The RNR will take most cadets, but getting down to your unit may be tricky.
              Probably HMS Calliope in Nuke Hassle is the most feasible, but the lady commanderer might be a bit dubious about whether you can complete your training...
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