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  • Time to take the plunge

    I have been watching this website for the past month along with doing loads of other research and I have decided that today is the day!! Yes, I will today be sending applications for consideration of entry to the HND/HNC Officer Cadetship programme.

    So.... Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to apply to and where to avoid?

    Also anything that I can do in the mean time to prove to prospective employers that I?m keen and willing?


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    Re: Time to take the plunge

    The others will be along later but from me, good luck, enjoy the ride
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      Re: Time to take the plunge

      It's a difficult question to answer- who's best to go for and who to avoid, as we all only have experience of the company we are with, I'd suggest applying to as many as you can, thereby giving yourself the best chance of getting a place. At the end of the day does it matter so much who you do your training with, or just that you get your ticket at the end of it? Once you have your ticket the world is your lobster and then you can choose who you want to work for. Most companies will try to send you to your closest training college, unless, like me, you get in right at the last minute and get sent to whichever college they still have a space at!

      Personally I would recommend Trinity House (managed by Chiltern Maritime), they're very good to me and I've had some awesome placements, though not the placements I would necessarily have chosen for myself (I keep getting cruise ships when I want cargo, saying that, I'm NOT about to turn my nose up at 4 months in the Caribbean on a sailing ship!) I also applied to SSTG, Andrew Wier Shipping, James Fishers and Carnival, sending them a CV and covering letter explaining why I wanted to join, and I applied online to Maersk. SSTG offered me an interview but I'd already been offered a place, Andrew Wier sent me a form to fill out to apply to Bibby, James Fisher sent me an application form, Carnival called me up several months later when I was at college asking if I was still interested in applying... Maersk got back to me as well (I think) but again, I already had a place with TH. The only people I ruled out really were Shell and BP because I have personal issues with the oil industry! I also avoided Clyde because they seemed to me to be a bit too much of a machine, pushing as many cadets through as possible. Saying that I have friends with Clyde and friends with Shell who all seem to be very happy with their training.

      As to what you can do meanwhile, go and visit ships wherever possible, go on a sail training voyage, join clubs where teamwork and leadership skills are developed, keep abreast of the news in general and particularly the shipping industry, get a decent suit and keep researching!

      Best of luck


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        Re: Time to take the plunge

        I did the lot and had a simlair experience to Size 4.

        Got 4 to 5 replies some 3 to 4 months down the line other quicker by which time I had accepted an offer ( from Clyde ).

        I have not started yet so cant really say anything about them but up till now has been fine.

        I do not think any one is worse/better than another - the important part is getting your certification at the end. The training is all done at the same colleges although the ship sponsoring companies are going to be different.

        A job at the end is also important but this depends on your sponsor company and not who arranges your training.

        Rates of pay are different per company but I personally would not let this sway my choice for me the outcome being more important than the money earned getting there.

        You will probably find a horror stories about every company if you have a look.

        Hope this helps.
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          Re: Time to take the plunge

          Try applying to the agencies first (SSTG/Clyde) as they have the largest selection of companies to choose from, companies like fisher,campbell(GPG), BP etc. try as many as possible and try to be accepted by as many as possible so you have a lot of options
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            Re: Time to take the plunge

            Just wondering, would it be worth applying for carnival even though I don't have any A levels?


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              Re: Time to take the plunge

              Apply to everyone-then assess your choices; but DON'T make the company's hang around for your decision though!


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                Re: Time to take the plunge

                Originally posted by jv2010
                Just wondering, would it be worth applying for carnival even though I don't have any A levels?
                Yes, Carnival put people through the HND (like me) who don't have A-levels, though I did have a number of years' worth of semi-relevant experience before starting. Good company, definitely worth applying.
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