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  • All I know... that they may be having interviews in April! The feller (Richard Knighton) seemed to have forgotten about it!

    ...they also pay the second best after the RFA.

    I think Shell offer 11k rising 1k each year to 14k, and starting pay of 27k - up there at RFA levels.

    They only use Warsash

    I don't think you get access to the wonderful Shell pension... just some MN one:
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    Re: All I know...

    That's a good wage! Is the 27K tax free?


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      Re: All I know...

      It can be. Note that these figures are two years old.

      They state that they pay the wage direct (as they are based on the Isle of Man) to you, and leave you to sort out your tax liability.
      (Steve and I will be developing a wiki section explaining the ins and outs of all this)

      Essentially, the simplest way to guarantee it is to spend at least one of your leave periods out of the country (ideally somewhere with a lower cost of living).

      My own suspicion is that although Chevron go the tight route via CMT, that they may pay a comparable wage... the reason I think that is that there are only four or five final salary pension schemes open in the entire world:
      Chevron, Shell, Cadbury, and Tesco (BP closed last April , Diageo's sank not too long ago as well; Cadbury's is probably now gone since the takeover by Krapt).

      source: ... -finished/

      Chevron's pension scheme is amazing even compared to Shell. Plus I hear warm rumours circulating about how well they look after staff. That's why I suspect that Chevron may offer as nice a package as Shell... but they may not... we've only one Chevron cadet here, and I'm not sure how likely it is that they can dig out any gossip on the subject.
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        Re: All I know...

        It's going a bit off-topic but, does the idea of spending at least one leave period out of the country to get a tax-free wage apply to most other companies? I'm not really clued up on these tax issues to be honest.


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          Re: All I know...

          Yes... potentially; but the rules are complex.

          I'm trying to present it in a simplistic way.

          If you wanted to sustain a lifestyle as a tax nomad, you would have to stay out of the UK for at least 9 months a year, and work on a deep sea vessel travelling to countries (preferably) outside the EU.

          If you just wanted to do it as a one-off, the period is 6 months. However, there are a range of scenarios that can scupper your efforts, and it's one of the many topics we want to make a detailed Wiki article about.

          However, I want the wiki to be "members only", and not publically searchable - for all sorts of reasons.
          For one thing, this is a major perquisite of the industry, and with the political climate as it is, it does no-one much good to draw attention to this kind of thing (even if it is perfectly legal).

          Tax nomadicity is something I've gathered info about over the years, and one of the golden rules is discretion...
          This forum is visible only to Admins and those with an iron in the fire with Shell (just you and I at the moment I think), if you want to ask any very specific questions, I think PM is the best way; part of the purpose of the forums is to establish general info to compile in the wiki for general consumption.

          For now, I want to focus on increasing the membership (of genuine cadets), and build the wiki. Some of these questions are premature, as many of us haven't started the training yet.
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            Re: All I know...

            Shell dont just use Warsash tthey also use the NMCI