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Alcohol, dress code and Clyde?

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  • Alcohol, dress code and Clyde?

    Hi everybody, I have been a long time reader of this site but I thought it best to join up as I have finally received my joining instructions for the January 2011 intake for South Shields from Clyde.

    However, I have a few questions and I was wondering if you guys could help me out?:

    1) The guidance notes suggest people are drug tested (which I knew anyway which isn't a problem) and alcohol tested (with disciplinary action being taken against those who fail). Does this mean alcohol is not condoned at all when on land? As I would think going out on Friday and Saturday would be the norm, but some alcohol tests are good up to 80 hours after you drink. Or does a fail just mean you turn up over the drink-drive limit/still inebriated?

    2) Clyde say I must buy a blazer but do not mention a NATO style jumper, but from what I have read on this forum blazers are hardly worn. Do you think I should buy a blazer and a NATO jumper to be on the safe side?

    3) What companies are other Clyde trainees with? As you don't find out until you start in January which keeps me wondering.

    I'd love to hear back not just from Clyde trainees but everyone, this forum has been very useful for me so far so I hope you can help me with my personalised questions

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    Re: Alcohol, dress code and Clyde?

    During my interview with clyde they explained the alcohol test to me which was a bit of a relief because i do like a drink on a Friday night. I was told, others might have been told different, that they recommend going out on the Friday or Saturday night if you going to have a drink, seems obvious but better to stay on the safe side, I have a friend in his final year with CMT and he has had no bother going out on the Saturday and being tested on the Monday. Hope this helped you.
    ps. I'm starting in January so there are more experienced cadets out there.


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      Re: Alcohol, dress code and Clyde?

      What Calmac says hits the nail on the head, turning up to college while still pissed is not a good plan. While few of us are entirely free from guilt regarding turning up to class smelling like a brewery, it is frowned on, and if you have a random test that morning, you're potentially screwed... The real issue would be if you turned up for your watch on ship still pissed, some ships are dry for this reason, other ships entrust that you are capable of moderating yourself in the bar so that you can still do your job. And don't forget, just because you're not on watch it does not follow that you can/should let loose on the whiskey because if an emergency happens, you will have duties to perform. Not that I've ever noticed that stopping anyone I've sailed with really....

      Re blazer, I saw a few people wearing them in the first week, but not much, definitely get a woolly pully or two!!


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        Re: Alcohol, dress code and Clyde?

        I've not been alcohol or drug tested yet, but I take it to mean the drink drive limit and I definitely wouldn't turn up to lectures or workshops over this limit (0.8).

        If I have a few beers weekday evenings its all out my system by 9am the next day (about 0.2 or less).

        Interestingly, after a big session of a weekend it can take until the afternoon until I'm back under the drink drive limit of 0.8.

        I've seen a few Clyde cadets around STC wearing their blazers to keep warm, but a coat is better.
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          Re: Alcohol, dress code and Clyde?

          Very few people wear the blazers to be honest, everyone switched to wooly pullys after a week or two. The blazer is a company-specific thing, my company provide our college uniform and don't issue blazers.
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            Re: Alcohol, dress code and Clyde?

            They test you for for alcohol to make sure your coming to college relatively sober. If you are under 18, and they find booze, you get a warning. If you are over the drink drive limit, then its a final warning. One lad in my class was 3 times the legal limit at 1100! He got a final warning for it.
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              Re: Alcohol, dress code and Clyde?

              A blazer or wooly pulley is up to your choice, if i remember rightly clyde issues pouch logos for you to sow or iron onto the breast pouch. For south tyneside the head of the department will be happy as long as you have a shirt/tie with black uniform pants, most people switch to black plimsoles and jackets over the shirts after the trend has died off!
              Clyde usually gives random drug tests during your first phase, around 3 but it totally depends.
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