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  • Warsash ETO FD Schedule

    Well I have pinched this off loki on TOOTP, im sure he wont mind
    Phase 1
    7th September: Fresher's week at Warsash
    14th Sept - 21st Dec: semester 1 at college, MNTB Workshop Skills Training
    21st Dec - 3rd Jan 2010: leave (2 weeks)
    4th Jan - 21st March: continuing MNTB Workshop Skills Training (with exams last week)
    22nd March - 28th March: Short course

    Phase 2 (might have 2 weeks leave here, unclear from the timetable and if this phase is 25 weeks then no)
    29th March - 19th September: at sea (25 weeks)

    Phase 3
    20th Sept - 19th Dec: semester 2 at college, with exams last week
    20th Dec - 2nd Jan 2011: leave (2 weeks)
    3rd Jan - 30th Jan 2011: workshop skills
    31st Jan - 17th April: semester 3 starts at college
    18th April - 1st May: leave (2 weeks)
    2nd May - 15 May: last 2 weeks of phase 3, with exams 2nd week.

    Phase 4
    16th May - 17th October: at sea (23 weeks)

    Phase 5
    24th October - 23rd (ish) Dec: semester 4 at college
    24th Dec (though says 26th on timetable!) - 8th Jan 2012: xmas leave (2 weeks)
    9th Jan - 12th Feb: semester 4, with one reading week and last week exams
    13th Feb - 26th Feb: workshop skills
    27th Feb - 18th March: 3 weeks of short courses
    19th March - 25th March: Resits
    26th March - 15th April: MCA Orals (and end of cadetship)

    it then becomes a bit unclear from the looks of the timetable, with (what I understand) as optional B.Eng (hons) courses, etc.
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