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  • Cables

    Silly daft question time guys

    Simply do all ships use colour codded cables or is there other systems???

    As I am about to have my ENG3 issued with no work with colour codded cables or equipment and hoping a company will give me chance to prove im worth taking on with this as it is highly frustrating.

    Cheers guys
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    Re: Cables

    All power cables are colour coded, Red,. White, Black (3 core for 3 phase :0 )
    Data cables cable colour coded like phone cables and Cat5E (stripey)
    Plain white with Numbers printed on them at intervals
    There is some light domestic power you might play with which is coded the same as UK/EU regs,however supply side tends to be white/black OR Red/Black

    Most electricians will tell the the best thing an engineer can do with cables is to step neatly over them and send for an adult (them) to deal with the issue to make sure the smoke says inside the bendy pipes and no guild secrets are discovered
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